Author Interview: Courtney Shockey – Storymaker Society

Author Interview: Courtney Shockey

The second author in our interview series is going to be… Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Short Story Horror author, Courtney Shockey! She’ll be joining us at 8:00 PM Eastern on August 31.

Courtney is married with two children, a janitor for four fur babies, and a she’s a Walking Dead fan (even though she hates zombie movies…they’re terrifying). She lives on the outskirts of Houston, TX, and works in the industrial field 50+ hours a week!

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Where to find Courtney

Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Amazon  GoodReads  Facebook Street Team

If you’re in the Houston area on September 2, you can meet Courtney in person at the All The Books author event!

Upcoming Releases

Courtney has three books releasing this year:

Children of Darkness: Genesis (Book 2 of the Nightmare series)

Finding East (Book 3 in the Soul Magic series)

Memories of Joy (the final installment of the Selene’s Pass trilogy)

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