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An online course to get your characters out of your head and onto the page, without getting stuck or losing focus - even when life does its thing.

You Have The Stories. Now Write The Book...


As the joke goes...introverts unite! The truth is, writing is a lonely endeavor even when new people are constantly popping into life in your mind, fully-formed. Storymaker Society isn't called "Storymaker School" for one simple reason - it's the writers who matter more than the courses. Nothing will get you through the roadblocks of storytelling better than being in a community of writerly friends who can relate to the struggle.


You can (and should) go to workshops, enthusiastically read books about storycraft, and attend conferences to become a better writer. You can (and should not) do this for years without ever finishing a complete book draft. Nothing will improve your writing skills more than writing a book will.


Plotter, pantser, storyboarder, procrastinator. Whatever your writing style, there are five elements of a story you need to figure out if you don't want to get stuck at the 19th mile of the marathon that is writing a book. Character. Setting. Truth. Antagonist. Conflict. Nothing will pave the way to "The End" more smoothly than understanding and developing these crucial pieces of the book. 


In the end, this isn't about your goals as a writer. It's about giving your characters the life they deserve. Freeing your stories from the prison of your mind. You have what it takes to write a book; the skills, the ideas, the words, the word processor. Nothing will breathe life into your characters faster than accepting that LATER never comes and starting their book today.

Hit The Ground Running With The 5-Week Online 5X5 Storymaker Course

5 Video Courses with active instructor involvement that will help you fully develop the five key story elements that will give you a clear path to the finish line.
5X5 Storymaker

Duration: 5 weeks                

Step-by-step, you will walk through a guided process to make the decisions that shape the structure of your story.

Module 2: Setting

Duration: 5 lessons (30m)                

We'll go beyond the when and where and how it works. By the time this module is done, you understand the hero's role in (and effect on) their world. 

Module 4: Antagonist

Duration: 5 lessons (30m)                

Whether person, place, or thing, we won't neglect the villain! You'll have a three-dimensional antagonist who won't feel like a freak-of-the-week or be easily forgotten.

Module 1: Character

Duration: 5 lessons (30m)                

It's the characters that raving fans remember forever. So we start with what drives the story; the people who live in the pages of the book.

Module 3: Truth

Duration: 5 lessons (30m)                

The external challenge, the character motivations, and the hero's "ghost" all circle back to the fundamental truth the hero believes or seeks.

Module 5: Conflict

Duration: 5 lessons (30m)                

By now you'll have all the factors in place to compose a conflict that pushes the hero into considering the one thing she or he swore they would absolutely never do.

Origin Story

You -- the writers, the dreamers, the bibliophiles, are MY people. I started professionally editing in 2000, and started focusing on developmental editing ten years ago. When I worked as director of publishing at an independent press, my favorite part of the job was getting paid to listen to pitches.

I am always, without exception, overwhelmingly amazed by the talent and creativity of the "hidden" writers. The storymakers who are disguised as baristas, checkout clerks, moms, lawyers... all with stories just dying to flow out of them onto the pages of a book.

But there's the catch. The thing that breaks my heart as a story enthusiast. So many of the stories die right there, never leaving the minds of the storymakers.

It's an epidemic! Neglected characters, lost worlds. Storymaker Society is a rescue organization, and I can't wait to meet the people who spring from your mind onto the pages of your novel.

“The role of the storyteller is to awaken the storyteller in others.” -Jack Zipes

The 5X5 Storymaker Course Includes

  • Each video lesson is 30 minutes or less.
  • Each module has 5 lessons that are designed to be completed in one week.
  • If you miss out on the live learning opportunities, you are welcome to join in with a class at a later time. Because of the power of community, we encourage you to complete the course during the five-week live session and build connections to help you finish your novel once you've developed the key story elements covered in the course.
  • All 5 modules include cheat sheets, checklists, resources, video transcripts, audio files of the lesson, and step-by-step worksheets.
  • You can download the bonus resources and worksheets at any time and print them off.
  • You do NOT have to utilize any of the bonus material to successfully complete the course. They are available as a set of tools and resources for you to select from in order to make the process easier. 
  • You will have direct access to me during the 5 weeks the course is "live," through the private Facebook group and regular office hours for video chats.
  • Your fellow Storymakers can provide feedback on ideas and offer encouragement through the private group.
  • You won't be alone, and you will finish the course with everything you need to get to "The End."

Is This Course Right for You?

There are a lot of ways to write a book, and a lot of reasons to want to finish one. Storymaker Society is just one process among many excellent options available. I want to be sure it's the BEST one for helping you reach your goals as a writer.


  • I want to complete a novel.
  • I've never finished a complete draft of a book.
  • Actually, I have completed a book, but I wasn't happy with the process or the result.
  • Story ideas and interesting characters pop into my head all the time.
  • I'm busy, but I know that LATER will never get here. I want to start and finish writing a book before 2018.
  • I can block out 5-10 hours a week for five weeks, even if it means having to DVR my favorite shows for later binge-watching.


  • I want to write a memoir, business, or trade book.
  • I want a formula to write a best-selling book.
  • I don't want to spend time doing "pre"-work, I just want to get words on a page until I hit my word count goal.
  • I want to have a complete draft at the end of the course.
  • My primary goal for writing a book is to make money or establish myself as an expert in my field.
  • I'm a lone wolf and I want to write behind closed doors. I don't see the value in bouncing ideas or problems off anyone.
Develop 5 Key Story Elements In 5 Weeks

Try this online course risk free for 5 weeks and if you do not feel it's the right process for you, just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.


Guess what? There's more!

Weekly Bring-Your-Own Coffee Hour

Each week, I will jump into the private Facebook group for an hour of live video discussion. These "coffee hours" will include examples connected to the week's topic and will be open to questions about your story, my favorite things, or why Donna Noble is the best companion the Doctor ever had.


One-on-One Story Pitch Brainstorming

As soon as you've completed one lesson, you can schedule a Skype call with me to brainstorm your book's elevator pitch! (Normally a $250 service)


Free Next Steps Coaching Session

Upon completion of all 5 modules, you can schedule a coaching session to plan your next steps to ensure you successfully complete your first novel. We'll take into consideration your specific circumstances and how much time you can devote to writing each week. Like personal training, but for books! 

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