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Social Sonja

Irresistible: Perfect. Paying. Clients.

”I haven’t met anyone like Megan. She is an extreme talent when it comes to naming things, and every time I talk to her I become more open and so creative. Megan is able to pull out of me what I envisioned and put it into the most beautiful words. She is the TOP GUN WORDSMITH - I can tell you that because I've witnessed it so many times! She is able to come up with a course or website name that is right on target in no time. What I admire most about her is that she has ability to listen very well and connect dots while creating an amazing story out of a few key words."

Where did we start?

Sonja's signature service is identifying targetable characteristics of perfect paying clients. When I met Sonja at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, she'd explain her "thing" as "ideal client avatar." It definitely made her niche clear - everyone immediately knew what she was about. Unfortunately, it didn't make her stand out from the crowd (her personality did that!). And even worse, no one actually wants to do the work of developing a client avatar, even though we all know the best marketing strategies start there.

So when Sonja started finalizing her signature course, "Ideal Client Avatar" was out as a title, no matter how sexy it sounded when she said it with her super-spy accent. It took a few weeks to finalize our winning course name. We almost settled on an option that was catchy and fit her style, but it didn't speak directly to the prize offered by completion of the course... so back to the drawing board we went.

A brainstorming session with a mastermind group Sonja is a member of gave us some fresh ideas. They were descriptive and concise, but no one would remember Sonja as "the 'Attract More Clients' person." The course name wasn't going to be good enough until it got attention immediately, described concisely what it would get the student, and left an impression. A rockstar-level impression. 

We got together for one more session to name the course that Sonja will be known for (at least for the next few years, until she attains SUPER-star status!). We played with several renditions of "Attract More Clients", adding and modifying words. Then I spoke the word that made Sonja's face light up like Clark Griswold's triumphant moment of transcendent Christmas lighting. IRRESISTIBLE

Everything she was planning on doing around this topic of ideal client avatars could fit neatly under the umbrella of this word. It had intrigue. It stood out. It showed the prize.

The name was spoken, and the energy around this course skyrocketed. Be on the watch for what comes next - "Social" Sonja is a name you're going to recognize as that "Irresistible" person.

About the Service

$250 for the PERFECT course name!​

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How can I help you name your course? Words are my strength and my skill. Using just the right words to connect your course to your clients can make all the difference in who sees it, remembers it, and purchases it.

If our free 15-minute qualifying call confirms that we're on the right track to creating a compelling name that leaves you excited and energized, I'll take some time to research your market and develop course name options; we'll make a final decision together in a video call. I don't stop until you're completely happy with your hand-tailored course name.

Oh! I'm really liking that website name! I was trying to do something like that but didn't think about the x (was using "and") but it just wasn't working. Thanks for the suggestion. Love it!"

Shelly Najjar
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