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Storymaker Toolkit: CoSchedule for Consistent Presence

Without question, CoSchedule will become one of your favorite tools since the sonic screwdriver. You can’t reverse its polarity to accomplish mind-bending, physics-altering feats of Time Lordship, but it will turn you into a social media ninja. If you use (or plan to use) WordPress for your author website, this is a no-brainer. You’ll be able to run all of your social media posts from the same page you publish your blog posts. If you don’t use WordPress, keep reading and you’ll see this tool is still worth a trial run so you can decide for yourself.

If you use (or plan to use) WordPress for your author website, this is a no-brainer. @CoSchedule Click To Tweet

So, what is this newfangled contraption? It’s a dashboard where you can make your social media strategy into something more than a nice idea on paper (if it even got that far…we’re all about honesty here). In one place, you can create a month’s worth of posts to every major social media platform (the individual plan includes up to 10 social media accounts), from one piece of content, in less than five minutes. No hyberbole. I just did it this morning while my Nespresso was running, and my latte was still hot when I clicked “publish”.

The folks behind CoSchedule have a sweet little video to show you how it works:

Favorite Features

  • It streamlines posting to Instagram. I tried for years (literally) to maintain a presence on Instagram and successfully posted about once every 18 months. Here’s the funny part — I used Instagram, in that I followed some awesome accounts and regularly opened the app. I just never posted! The brain can work in mysterious ways. With CoSchedule, I can design and schedule an Instagram post within my blog post, receive a notification on my phone when an Instagram post is ready to go, and five seconds later I’m done.​ Now I post at least once/day. Slight improvement.
  • If you don’t have a task management system in place that you love (and you will NEED one if you’re going to share your stories successfully), CoSchedule has one built right in. I use Asana because it’s what I’ve used for years and the habits I’ve built are too valuable to give up, even for an excellent alternative. If I was starting with a publishing/task management system today, I’d use the one inside CoSchedule.
  • Managing multiple brands on CoSchedule is incredibly easy. With labels, drop-down account selections on each social message, and color codes, in one glance I can easily track what I have planned for my book launch, for my one-person marketing team blog, and for my friend’s midwifery business that I run social for. Hovering over one scheduled post on the calendar makes the connected posts pop out. Just. YES.

  • The support crew knows their stuff. The library of information and tutorials is genuinely useful – and every training webinar or free course I’ve completed with CoSchedule has been worth every moment of my time, with immediate impact on my social media reach and engagement. When I factor that in, the $30 monthly subscription fee is such a steal that I should be thrown into a paddy wagon for it.

WARNING: The power you gain through CoSchedule may blind you to a dangerous trap.

It’s a beautiful thing, to be able to send the signal out in every direction with one click. But be careful. Don’t scream into the ‘verse with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears. Social media isn’t meant to be one-way communication. You still need to spend time on your 2-3 key platforms, actually engaging with your audience and your colleagues. A tool like CoSchedule is meant to make your presence CONSISTENT. Only you can make your presence worthwhile!

A tool like @CoSchedule makes your presence CONSISTENT. Only you can make it worthwhile! Click To Tweet

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