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Lessons from StoryExpo 2017 – the conference that didn’t happen
The conference pass was purchased, a room at the Ace Hotel reserved, and flight booked. The class schedule was all[...]
Author Interview: Courtney Shockey
The second author in our interview series is going to be... Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Short Story Horror author, Courtney Shockey! She'll be[...]
Author Interview: Carly Eldridge
Mark your calendars! August 27, 3:00 pm Eastern, my friend Carly Eldridge will be joining us live from New York[...]
Is your writing stuck in Training Wheels Protocol?
Yesterday I had a free birthday ticket to my favorite cinema that was about to expire. I'd already seen Wonder[...]
5 Classic Defenses for Criminal Story Neglect
1. I need to learn to write gooder, your honor. BUSTED: If you can tell a friend your story idea,[...]